Want to differentiate your offerings from others? Our strength in speciality sourcing means that your establishment will excel. Your chef will focus on the creative art of preparing, cooking, and plating while we work to provide you with the highest-quality ingredients.

PDL is committed to sourcing products of the highest standard. We are always looking for new, innovative products to add to our portfolio to ensure that you, our chefs and customers, get the best the industry offers. We specialize in meat, dairy, seafood, produce, frozen foods, poultry, chemicals, and eco-friendly disposables. 

Our foodservice sales and procurement team are here to help you with all your restaurant and hotel needs. Each team member has previous experience as an educated chef with ample experience. This knowledge is translated into a keen understanding and a consultive selling role when working and collaborating with our customers. With an understanding of the procurement and logistical capabilities, PDL possesses fresh ideas, and problem-solving is essential to our sales process. We aim to bring peace of mind to our customers, knowing that their ingredients or special orders will be there for them when needed, along with guaranteed freshness and quality

Product cuttings, training, and tastings are carried out with our customers to understand your menu vision and ensure joint learning, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.  


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Seafood Concierge Program


Need a specific cut of fish? Looking for premium seafood or exclusive products not listed on our website? Introducing our Jet Fresh Seafood program Concierge. Our dedicated team will source the best quality seafood from anywhere worldwide; Flown daily for superior freshness and choice. 

Contact your PDL Sales representative to order. 

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By Progressive Distributors


The Meat Shop by Progressive Distributors is a leading provider of fresh, diverse, and quality meats in Cayman. We offer a wide range of products and services, including our:

Unrivalled burger program

Unique house-made sausages:

In-house dry age room

Vacuum-tumbled meat:

Safety measures: 

Hazard-Analysis Critical Control Point



As a proactive food business, PDL ensures its facility complies with local and international standard operating procedures daily. Annually, PDL undergoes rigorous external warehouse and distribution audits, including verification of our HACCP program, by 3 separate external entities; YUM! Brands, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), and Avendra International. 

Ensuring that the organization is HACCP compliant in its food safety and policy procedures, our stakeholders align to meet the needs of the highest standards available. Our partners can be assured that this practice is key to our ongoing commitment to quality, bringing peace of mind to their future business goals and product offerings.

Optimize Procurement Strategies



As an Avendra appointed supplier, our customers can be assured that our procurement and supply chain management practices match those prescribed by the Avendra Standards of excellence.


Avendra supplies relevant information to optimize procurement strategies, which help control costs and increase profitability for both suppliers and customers.


Improvement inefficiencies for the customer mean improvements for suppliers. By eliminating the burden of negotiating controls and managing suppliers, Avendra provides pre-negotiated best practice contracts, allowing for PDL to focus on building relationships and consultive selling to our customers.


Improvements in controls mean suppliers go through rigorous approval processes before they become part of the Avendra network. PDL’s ongoing success with the annual audits indicates the company’s integrity as part of the entire network.


Maureen Cubbon - Best Life Culinary

PDL encompasses all the important parts of a business partnership and client support with the widest range and attention to service.





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