You are passionate about your business, and so are we. At PDL, we view each unique relationship with our customers as a trusting partnership, working together to help you achieve your business vision by creating offerings that will entice and fulfill your customers' needs. 

Our departments have expert staff educated in and knowledgeable about all areas of their industry, from a dedicated on-site pharmacist in our pharmaceutical department to industry-trained chefs as our food service sales representatives. We also hold over 30 years’ experience in our respective fields as a multi-generational owned and operated family company. When working with our team, you can be reassured that you are in good hands.

With our strong producer and manufacturer relationships, we can present you with a wide variety of product ranges to meet your needs. Our broad spectrum of products caters to all our customers, and if at first, you don’t find what you need, we can source specialty brands and products through our global buying network and overseas relationships. 

Our working relationship starts with a detailed consultation that encourages conversation and a chance to get to know one another. Understanding what your business requirements are will help us to build and move your business forward. This initial insight details aspects such as what type of product you are looking for, ordering and logistical turnaround times, budget requirements, operational systems and capacities, product shelf life, and market potential for products in the Cayman market. We share and gather as much information as possible to manage expectations on the realities of doing business in the Cayman Islands. Setting you up with an account and dedicated sales representative are initial steps taken to show you why PDL is the superior choice for your business. 


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At PDL, we have two dedicated, state of the art, multi-temperature warehousing facilities, one in Grand Cayman and one in Miami, Florida. Also, an expert procurement and logistics team form the foundation and strength behind building your business or project. Knowing you have a reliable support structure behind you will allow you to focus on the key areas that make your business successful.

Our procurement and logistical team are dedicated to sourcing products globally and utilizing strong relationships built over time. This ensures you will receive only the highest quality products from specialists in their field. Not only has the ability to source a single specialized item globally, but they are also experienced in sourcing larger volumes of products. This allows our customers to share in economies of scale with others. Efficiencies in purchasing commodity items allow businesses to benefit from lower prices, improved product shelf life, and smaller quantities. 

Our warehouse operations and inventory control ensure that your items are received and stored in optimal conditions. This allows the minimal risk of product interference or a decline in quality for even the most sensitive items. Our chilled loading dock and fleet of 22 Thermo King refrigerated trucks guarantee the product is never exposed to the Caribbean heat.

With a next-day delivery operation, we ensure you are never without product, and your inventory management on ingredients, pharmaceuticals, or grocery items remains tight with limited waste and concerns on storage capabilities. 

Our customers remain our priority, delivering quality and consistency repeatedly.


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Ensuring your business continuity, PDL offers a variety of aftersales services to differentiate you from your competitors. Through continued industry education, exposure to trends, and innovation from trade shows, we can bring a depth of knowledge and hands-on support to you.


Below are just some of the insights we have that can help you grow,

• Annual flavor forecasts predicted by our partners at McCormick, which can provide rich ideas to our culinary customers on what’s worth experimenting with.
• Our direct shipment of frozen Bridor bread and pastries brings you closer to French quality and provides labor-saving solutions. 
• Equipment innovation from the annual National Restaurant Association Show will help us, help you, make that critical decision on larger investments. 
• Keeping with changing consumer pressures for sustainable solutions with compostable disposables, green cleaning technology, and organic/natural meat and dairy.

Also, collaboration on menu creation, versatility, and profitability provides a richness of ideas between you and your PDL representative. In the collaboration process, we will detail product availability and seasonality for freshness. We will also extend value-added services such as product cuttings, product demonstrations, staff seminars, and training in our test kitchen, which will allow you to experience products firsthand before making any commitments.

Further marketing investments, category management, and branded manufacturer programs are offered to help drive business and provide food education to consumers resulting in increased sales through your establishments.

Expand your business potential by diversifying into complementary areas. Become a one-stop-shop for your customers. With our diverse range of departments that include wholesale foodservice, wholesale grocery, health and beauty care, equipment and equipment servicing, commercial cleaning supplies, pharmaceutical, and souvenirs, we can explore other potential revenue sectors.

At PDL, we care about your growth and understand that a mutually beneficial relationship is one that means customized solutions to create long-lasting results.


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