Hazard-Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certified

As a proactive food business PDL ensures its facility complies with local and international standard operating procedures daily. Annually, PDL undergoes rigorous external warehouse and distribution audits which includes verification of our HACCP program, by 3 separate external entities. YUM! Brands, Restaurant Brands International (RBI) and Avendra International. Ensuring that the organization is HACCP compliant in its food safety and policy procedures, our stakeholders align to meet the needs of the highest standards available. Our partners can be assured that this practice is key to our ongoing commitment to quality, bringing peace of mind to their future business goals and product offerings.

The purpose of PDL’s food safety program is to identify, control, prevent and eliminate food safety hazards. From the beginning of our receiving program to the loading of delivery vehicles for shipment of finished goods to our customers all possible microbiological, chemical, and physical hazards which could occur during this process are considered. The HACCP team ensures that all working practices adhere to all current food safety regulations.

The PDL HACCP committee meet monthly to discuss procedures and or possible unforeseen threats to food safety, ensuring the organization is aligned to the practices and procedures the program directs. Our HACCP certified employees ensure all prerequisite requirements and critical points are inspected, verified, and checked daily per food category or department. Should there be a potential risk that could occur, corrective and preventative measures are implemented and documented to mitigate further risk.

As part of the HACCP program PDL can be confident in its food safety standards and quality particularly as the world’s health guidelines increase due to pressures from unforeseen threats and infectious diseases. Through the implementation of safe food processes to produce food, the safety and health of our customers and consumers is brought to the forefront of our operations. Through legal compliance, due diligence and accountability the organization can further protect itself in the court of law should an unforeseen event arise.