Being A Part Of A Family



At PDL, our culture begins with a diverse team of unique individuals, respecting each other’s differences and acknowledging each other’s talents.

We thrive in an environment where we are constantly learning, growing, and supporting one another.

Creating a trusted space ensures our people are successful in their roles; this is key to achieving our common goals.


-Shabana, Accounts, 11 Years

I like working at PDL because of the warm and friendly environment, diverse and cultural backgrounds and good leadership from Management.
My role has helped me to learn our accounting software which enables me to assist my team when needed, while gaining knowledge to progress in my current studies.

-Tanika, Accounts, 10 Years

I have been a part of the PDL Family for 10 years and the company holds a very special place in my heart, personally and professionally. I have seen the business growth over the years, and have gained invaluable work experience along the way. I work with people in our Finance Department who are dedicated and driven to get things done efficiently. I’m really grateful to work in a place that feels like my home away from home, with a Management team that truly cares about their staff. 

-Arun, Sales, 14 Years

PDL is the friendliest company I ever been a part of, the company believes in strong work ethics, are always innovating and doing everything to satisfy their customers, where quality and consistency is the mantra. Progressive to the word.
Sales is a challenging landscape, and I love the fact that I can be a part of not only our company’s success but also a part of our customers success. Hotels and restaurant chefs work to bring out their best innovation to the plate, and we as salesmen make it happen, it’s the most satisfying feeling.

- Marivic, Purchasing Department, 14 Years.

It is such an honor to be part of PDL; this company values us, employees (and our families) - putting our well-being as the highest priority, has a strong community presence, and have leaders with strong core values and passion for constantly growing and improving the company. 

With a very positive environment, the finest team is honed to provide the most exceptional and professional service to customers.

And as a Purchaser, it gives great gratification when I am able to deliver the needs of the community - especially when it truly matters.




At PDL, we are continually growing, allowing the opportunity for continued growth in multiple aspects of sales and marketing.

Business relationships, sourcing, and promoting new items, and following trends are just a few of the many exciting things we do.

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At PDL, our warehouse is a large and robust department full of many opportunities.

A high level of customer service and organization are put into place to execute our warehouse and operations.

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Purchasing is one of the many departments that we could not work without.

Our hard-working and talented purchasing team is instrumental in balancing our customers’ needs with correct inventory levels.

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Behind every well-oiled machine is the administration that keeps it all together.

We have a diverse range of administrative positions that help us understand the true function and operation of the business.

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