With Alto-Shaam


When it comes to high-quality, reliable equipment, PDL can help you. No matter how big or small your operation may be, we have solutions for all. 

Check out what our partners over at Alto-Shaam are doing when it comes to exclusive ventless-technologies that set them apart from the competition.




"Kitchen spaces are shrinking, and in some operations, are nonexistent. As costs continue to rise, operators now have to do more with less space, saving money on building costs, monthly rent, labour, and overhead. 

As a solution to their space challenges, operators are discovering ventless cooking equipment. Ventless equipment provides added flexibility in terms of kitchen design. Operators can place this equipment anywhere outside of a traditional kitchen hood.

Ventech line of condensation hoods that works with select Combitherm combi ovens made by Alto-Shaam. Ventech PLUS features a HEPA filter and condensation technology to capture and filter smoke-related vapour, grease, and steam generated in the cooking process. These hoods can be factory or field installed."



"Ventless equipment provides foodservice operators with savings beyond space. It costs approximately $2,000 per linear foot to install a traditional kitchen hood, and even more additional costs to operate it daily. Put that money back in your pocket with versatile, ventless equipment solutions."



"Alto-Shaam offers a variety of certified ventless cooking equipment to meet the needs of any foodservice operation. 

This equipment does not create grease emissions above EPA 202 allowances, providing a solution for foodservice operations with limited space.

This means that operators can safely cook any food—including raw, fatty proteins—without using a traditional kitchen hood or voiding their equipment warranty.

Combitherm Combi Ovens, Cook & Hold Ovens, Vector Multi-Cook Ovens (H Series models only), Rotisseries.

With no traditional hood restrictions, operators can place combi ovens with Ventech anywhere in the kitchen —maximizing floor space while improving efficiency and workflow."