The Avocado markets continue to improve as the size curve further relaxes on larger sized fruit with more production coming from the Aventajada crop. We are seeing overall inventories on the rise, despite the California season coming to a close, as well as a decline in availably of product from Peru. Tomato production will be at season lows this week as California ends and Florida is slow to start up. Currently, Mexico is struggling to keep up with demand and local deals in the east out of Tennessee and North Carolina are finishing up for the season. South Georgia production continues to be strong on bell pepper, squash, eggplant, and cucumbers. We should see improving production on beans over the next few weeks but expect markets to be firm. Nogales is starting to cross squash and cucumbers. As far as Salinas Veg is concerned, until we get fully transitioned to Yuma, we expect markets on iceberg lettuce, romaine, romaine hearts, broccoli, and cauliflower to be very unstable at escalated levels with continued quality issues through the end of the Salinas season.





Quality and taste of Mexican fruit is currently excellent and will continue that way for some time. We expect the market to continue to stabilize as long as the pipeline from Mexico continues to stay full with good volume. 


Banana quality and availability are good. No problems with supply.


Pineapple volume good and quality is great.


Blackberries continue in a transition period between the USA and Mexico regions. The USA regions are down trending while regions in Mexico are gradually increasing. Rains in Mexico is slowing the increase, but we expect these weather events to gradually fade away. In the U.S., cooler temperatures will slow down the descending production. The Northern District has reported a slight increase in condition defects with some reversion also observed at the dock, although flavor has improved compared to last week. Santa Maria has seen good flavor and medium to large sized fruit. Quebec continues with good overall quality and large sized fruit. New Jersey has also seen good quality with slightly smaller fruit. Baja has seen good overall quality with no dock rejects.


Ruby grapefruit now available. Size is peaking on 32s and larger Fancy and all small sizes 36 and smaller are tight. Texas is expected to start very late.


CA Lemons (loading out of Delano, CA) Still very tight with mostly standard grade in house loading out of Delano, CA and majority of the lemons in Delano is MX lemons coming from transfers to fulfill inventory on the west coast. We are moving out of D2 growing region and are expected to be in D1 by the end of October – this will allow for more availability. MX Lemons (Loading out of Mission, TX) Quality is still looking great, even all the way down to Standard grade – the internals are meeting expectations. No 200s/235s available currently, but availability is good on 165s and larger for all grades mostly. Season expected to come to an end in a few weeks – in time for California Lemons to pick up



Green Bell Pepper:  Excellent production available out of South Georgia. Larger-sized fruit is primarily available this week as growers is
crown picking but product is gorgeous. The northeast and local deals are rapidly ending while in the west, the excellent production continues out of the intercoastal valleys with steady volume expected on all sizes but larger sizes. Quality is outstanding and we do not anticipate any pro-rates currently. 

Red Bell Peppers:  Excellent supply and good quality available.

Yellow Bell Peppers:  Excellent supply and good quality available.

Cucumbers: Excellent supply available out of South Georgia. Cucumbers in the west are lighter this week crossing through Otay,
Nogales, and McAllen. Overall quality is good in the west, but in the east, we will see weather-related quality issues. We do not anticipate any
prorates currently.

Zucchini & Yellow Squash: Fall squash out of South Georgia and North Carolina is ramping up while the Midwest will continue production
for a few more weeks. Quality is mixed in the east on old crop while new crop is gorgeous. In the west, good supply continues out of Santa Maria
and Baja. Quality is good on green and marginal on yellow. We saw light crossing this week in Nogales on a few scratch picks.

English Cucumber: ESCALATED The market remains very tight out of Canada, but quality is good. Mexico should start in later this month.

Green Beans: ESCALATED Markets remain firm, but we are starting to see some availability out of South Georgia this week and hope to see
markets realign for the fall as we prepare for the holidays and a smooth transition to the south for the winter months. In the west, supply is wrapping up out of the Central Valley and be limited out of the desert until the transition to Mexico sometime this month. Quality will be marginal until we transition to Mexico. We do not expect pro-rates however, we recommend subbing to French beans when possible or to soft squash, when possible, simply due to quality.


Current California weather conditions are good and will not impact growing conditions or supply for grapes. Pricing, overall, is pretty steady with a bit of a tick up on certain green varieties.


Cantaloupe: California cantaloupe production continues with seasonal decline with some growers having already finished harvesting. Others
will continue on into next week with limited overall supply. Arizona production has started with volumes gradually increasing this week. Some growers in the Yuma region are already being affected by whitefly issues which will most likely have an impact on volumes in the coming weeks. Our goal is to remain with California production as long as possible before looking to transition to the desert.

Honeydew: EXTREME We are starting to see some relief on availability, but overall production continues in a demand exceeds supply situation. As California winds down, the sizing profile continues with mostly smaller fruit (8/9s) with some 6s now being harvested. Arizona and Nogales production seems to be starting off with some larger sizes primarily but with very limited supply. Flexibility of sizing could be required at time of loading (especially if larger sizes are ordered in California) and it is recommended to continue to advise customers and sales teams of the anticipated shortfall in honeydew production. External quality may also be sacrificed as growers attempt to get whatever melons they can into the pack to fulfill orders.

Watermelon: Lighter supply available out of the Midwest, Texas, and Indiana. Fair volume out of California although logistics continue to be a challenge in all markets. Quality in the west is very nice.


Artichokes: Volume continues to be low this week, we expect to harvest 5 days. Most of what we are packing are 12 size. Quality is excellent. We
expect volume to remain low through October. Prices are steady to lower depending on size.

Arugula: Volume continues to be lighter although quality is excellent. We expect volume to remain low through October with pricing steady
to potentially higher. Some shippers are pro-rating orders.

Asparagus: ESCALATED Supply is still being affected by major logistic issues including air and ocean shipments, but supplies are increasing,
and market is lower.

Bok Choy: Supply is steady this week. Increased demand has created higher market pricing which is expected to last through the weekend.

Broccoli: EXTREME Supply is light this week and the market is strong with most shippers pro-rating on broccoli florets. We do not anticipate supply to return to normal until we transition to Yuma at the end of November.

Brussel Sprouts:  Currently harvesting in California; hand picking.

Carrots: ESCALATED Shippers are still struggling with jumbos and table due to labor (these are hand pack items). Due to the unprecedented
weekly volume needed for new snack pack options for school and community programs we continue to struggle with supply and demand. Pricing is increasing. 

Cauliflower: WATCHLIST Supply is expected to be plentiful this week. Overall quality and appearance should be very nice.

Celery: Business is better this week with good supplies for us and on the west coast. Regional supplies are drying up. Quality is good and the market is steady in Salinas. 

Cilantro: Cilantro supply is expected to be plentiful this week. Now is a good opportunity for promotion!

Corn: WATCHLIST  Corn supply is very tight out of the northeast and quickly coming to a close. There is some limited supply ramping up out of Georgia, quality is mixed, and FOB prices are high. Very little supply in the west.

Fennel: Lower volume on fennel this week. We are facing some quality issues out on the field reducing our overall yield. We will be covering
normal business only. We expect to see a majority of 18/24ct this week. Quality on final pack out remains strong

Garlic: EXTREME Garlic contracts have now fully transitioned to new crop California, although supply is still light, and market remains extreme.
Shippers are holding to averages. 

Ginger: EXTREME Ginger is very volatile due to very inconsistent supply and market is higher. Supply remains tight for the foreseeable future.

Green Cabbage: Supply continues to be light, and market is strong. Warm temperatures over the last month in California has caused lighter availability in the fields. 

Green Onions: EXTREME Supply and quality is good this week. Market continues active due to supply shortages with many growers in northern Mexico because of the extremely hot weather and high humidity the past two months.

Kale (Green): Bunched Kale supply is expected to be plentiful for the next few weeks. Now is a good opportunity for promotion! 

Mushrooms: Supply may begin to tighten for the holidays, and we may see shorter inventories across the country due to labor. Shiitake mushrooms remain short due to a national shortage of logs they grow for harvesting purposes. 

Napa: WATCH LIST Overall supply and quality continue to improve as we are expecting to hit budgeted volume this week. Yields continue to be below normal for current and upcoming plantings. 

Parsley (Curly, Italian): Parsley supply is expected to be plentiful for the next three weeks. Now is an opportunity to promote!

Rapini: We continue to see lighter supplies on rabe this week. We will have lighter harvests at the front of the week with better harvests coming towards the end of the week – anything that can load later in the week the better. We will be covering normal business only this week. There are no issues to report on quality.

Red Cabbage: Supply is steady with good quality

Snow and Sugar Snap Peas: WATCHLIST Very low volume, fair quality, and high Demand (production affected by weather and supply affected by major logistic issues) Peru: Low volume, high demand, and good quality. Supply affected by major logistic Issues.

Spinach (baby): Supply and quality are good this week. 

Spinach (bunched): Quality concerns are tip and wind burn. Insect pressure, aphids, and mildew are also an issue due to foggy mornings

Spring Mix: Supply is good and quality concerns now are tip burn and wind burn.

Sweet Potatoes and Yams: : New crop harvest starts as soon as next week for some sweet potato growers. We are looking at new crop shipments starting in about 6 weeks after they cure. Last year’s crop is starting to dwindle, and inventory is getting tight, but supply should hold to avoid gap.

ONIONS: The onion harvest is pretty much done. Jumbo and Colossal sizes on all colors on Onions will continue to remain short for the entire
season. Trucks remain very tight out of the NorthWest are.

POTATOES: 40-70s from Colorado have slightly decreased, all other shipping regions have remained stable. Idaho and Washington are
yielding larger sizes with good quality. Quality will keep improving as the new crop goes through the sweat process.


Rounds: ESCALATED We are seeing a very light supply and expect to see lighter inventory for the next several weeks. We should see the
mountain deals continue to wind down this week and transition back to Florida by the end of October. The category has certainly fallen below
expectations for this time of year, and we do expect a firm market through most of October, but we are working closely with our growers to keep you informed of any issues or supply shortfalls we may see over the next several weeks during transition back to Florida. We do expect marginal
quality during this time and suggest keeping lighter inventory as shelf life will be comprised from all the weather-related pressure on the fruit.
We do not anticipate any pro-rates currently on round tomatoes. 

Romas: ESCALATED Like round tomatoes we continue to see the up and down ride as inventories decline as the season summer season comes
to a close. We do expect transition in three weeks back to Florida/ South Georgia the category has certainly fallen below expectations for this
time of year, and we do expect a firm market through most of October, but we are working closely with our growers to keep you informed of
any issues or supply shortfalls we may see over the next several weeks during transition back to Florida.  

Grape I Cherries: Both organic and conventional grape tomatoes continue to have a very strong demand that exceeds supply. Organic Cherry tomatoes and Organic medley tomatoes are almost non-existent.

Organic Tomatoes: WATCHLIST Supply very limited, and quality is marginal. 



New crop apples are now coming into their own on most varieties. Bagged and bulk cartons shipping with strong interest by retail, schools and foodservice institutions. Northwest Anjou, Bosc, and Red pears are all in production. California is winding up on Bartlett pears. Markets are steady at seasonal levels.


Pear:  Small pears will remain tight through October. Imports are available on the east coast.

Plums: Done for the season.

Cherries: Done for the season.

Kiwi Fruit: Steady supply available on both coasts.