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Taste The Kerrygold Difference

Thanks to their year-round rain, Ireland has one of the longest grass-growing seasons. This rich and sweet grass is the secret to producing the best milk, and it's what gives Kerrygold its unmistakable flavour, creamy texture, and famous golden glow! It's hard to believe that the magic of Kerrygold butter can be created with just two simple ingredients - the cream from the milk of Irish grass-fed cows, and salt - but it's easy to see why Kerrygold is a proud Irish brand!

Milk from Irish Family Farms

Throughout their 6,000-year-old tradition of Dairy Farming, the farmers of Ireland have proudly served as the custodians of the land.

Today, this legacy continues through the 14,000 farmers who provide milk to Kerrygold. As a family business, this is more than just a job. With the Kerrygold dairy farms being carefully handed down from one generation to the next and 99% of the farms in Ireland being family-owned, to the Kerrygold farmers, this truly is a lifelong vocation.

That's why Kerrygold works with Co-ops owned by farmers (and not corporations), to collect the milk directly from the farms and ensure that every farmer is equitably paid!

Animal Welfare & Safety

Kerrygold's dedication to care and high standards goes beyond their fields and extends to every part of the process with all Kerrygold products being closely monitored and regularly tested to ensure compliance with national testing plans for food safety.

Made with love and care for all living things - that's the #kerrygold difference!


Did you know that Ireland’s farmland is naturally irrigated, making it the most carbon-efficient milk producer in the EU?

With their Ireland-based farms, Kerrygold follows Ireland’s Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS), which sets high standards for:

✅ Animal health and welfare
✅ Hygiene
✅ Land management
✅ Biosecurity
✅ Greenhouse gas emissions

These requirements for best practices in Irish dairy farms provide a means of measuring and improving the performance of every participating farmer, and Ireland is the only country in the world with a scheme of this kind!