With a modern 50,000sqft multi-temperature facility in the heart of Medley, Florida, PDL is perfectly positioned for outgoing shipments and provides logistical solutions for all our Caribbean partners.
Being at the epicenter of the South Florida shipping hub enables quick order turnaround times on stocked items to all major freight forwarders.

Providing both our supplier and manufacturer partners with peace of mind knowing that product is handled with the best integrity possible. Receiving and loading occurring daily on our chilled loading dock and storage of temperature-sensitive items maintained and monitored diligently.

With today’s competitive climate it is key for customers to differentiate themselves. PDL can help you achieve this through sourcing and procuring specialty and innovative products globally. Our international buyers have keen insights into some of the top foodie havens around the world, attending trade shows and keeping up with what’s trending.

Not only do we source a single specialized item globally but can also extend joint buying opportunities in full container loads by the pallet or mixed pallets from our Miami facility. This allows our customers to share in economies of scale with others. Efficiencies in purchasing allow businesses to benefit from lower prices, improved product shelf life, traceability, and smaller quantities.

With a keen knowledge across a wide variety of product ranges and experience in handling pharmaceutical, wholesale food service, commercial cleaning supplies, equipment, wholesale grocery and health, and beauty care our product management and understanding differentiates us from our competitors.

This makes PDL a one-stop-shop for all your business needs.


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At PDL, we pride ourselves on developing lasting partnerships and have secured selling rights with many manufacturer partners.

Our long-term goal is to build brands, maximize distribution and sales, enhance category management, improve the product supply chain to the region, and establish lasting transparent and honest relationships. This aids PDL to be able to offer the best in brand choice from across the globe to our customers.

Carrying reputable brands at value pricing can greatly benefit consumer decision-making and increase customer loyalty and quality assurance. Thanks to decades of industry research and proven experience, brands have established their reputation through longevity, consistency, and adapting to consumer trends and innovation needs. Thus, eliminating repeated mistakes of “what works and what does not” when it comes to consumer needs.

Brand recognition can help influence purchase decisions, especially in a market with limited choices due to locality. Your customers may be cautious about purchasing private label brands due to unfamiliarity, especially if they hail from countries where familiar brands are trusted. Representing a strong brand in your channel can drive traffic and increase sales. 

PDL extends value-added services such as product cuttings, product demonstrations, seminars, and training to help develop brands within your market, thus capturing the trust and familiarity with consumers. 

PDL will work closely with our clients to understand their customers’ needs and create a product offering that fits their business objectives. Our keen sales and marketing staff are based in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and are ready to serve your market in the most efficient and friendly way.



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PDL understands the importance of strategic business partnerships and aims to cultivate great relationships with our suppliers and customers.
Our strategic business partnerships equate to long-term business relationships focused on creating joint value. Value creation through increased growth and logistical, supply-chain efficiencies facilitates benefits for both parties.

For suppliers looking to increase their expertise and resources and shorten their go-to-market life cycle. Our insight and committed relationships with various Caribbean markets will ensure your products are aimed at the relevant target market, shortening your sales cycle.  

For supermarket and hospitality customers, leveraging PDL’s capabilities and resources allows one to achieve their desired goal without taking on the expense of overstocked inventory and wastage, product sourcing, warehousing, and overhead, thus decreasing your acquisition costs.

For all, our objective is to provide an incremental lift to sales and revenue. Understanding that functioning at a high capacity, these partnerships can create multiple revenue streams and potential for larger market expansion.


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