At PDL our sustainable goal is to provide products to our community that is better for the environment and therefore better for our long-term lifespan on this beautiful planet we call home. 

We are proud to have Organic Valley as our partners, who take sustainability to heart by prioritizing taking care of their animals and our planet.


Using a renewable resource - such as wind, solar, and hydropower - to generate electricity does not deplete that resource. There will always be consistent sunlight shining on the Earth's surface. After turning sunlight into electricity, there is still an infinite amount of sunlight to turn into electricity in the future. That is what makes solar power such an incredible resource.

While the current electricity mix in the Cayman Islands is still made up largely of fossil fuels like oil and gas, renewable energy sources like solar are steadily becoming a larger part of its energy profile.


Sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, it won't be enough. With so much controversial news, we wonder what is true and what is not?!

Thankfully, there really is no act too small to play a part in transforming the world for the better. Even a simple task as grocery shopping can shift the scales in terms of how the food industry manufactures and sells goods.

Here are simple ways to transition your necessary grocery shopping task into one that can make a difference and help the greater cause.


Understanding that we have only made one small step towards the many issues that need addressing, our journey will continue to evolve and create the change we need. We are excited to understand better what we need to do to continue to grow in the most sustainable way possible.

We will be continuing to work as an individual company and with our local community to take the steps we need to preserve this beautiful land we call home.

To learn more about sustainable development in the Cayman Islands.