We are proud to have Organic Valley as our partners, who take sustainability to heart by prioritizing taking care of their animals and our planet. See below a few of the incredible initiatives they have taken on and successfully completed over the last year.



  • Their business model puts farmers first by paying them a stable and sustainable income for their hard work and dedication.


  • Dairy cows live a low-stress, natural lifestyle by spending more time grazing outside than 95% of dairy cows in the US. The low stress, natural lifestyle of the cows leads to healthier cows with fewer illness reports than cows in the rest of the US. 


  • Chickens are never caged with continuous access to food and water.


  • Organic Valley farmers work with nature, not against it. Organic Valley Climate-Smart farms create an organic ecosystem that regenerates the soil while providing excellent nutrition to animals and humans. 


  • Organic Valley has almost 200,000 acres of pasture that removes carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil. They use rotational grazing and focus on biodiversity, water quality, and nature conservation. The regenerative farming practices help reverse climate change and promote life in the soil. Organic Valley’s farming practices have kept 440 million pounds of chemicals off the land and one in 10 farms uses on-farm renewable energy systems.


  • Organic Valley is halfway to becoming a carbon-neutral business by reducing energy usage where possible and install solar and wind energy sources and offset other business emissions with Carbon Credits from an organization that plants trees in the Amazon.


  • Organic Valley believes that healthy soil and healthy land create healthy animals, who give us delicious and nutritious food, that creates healthy people – adding up to a healthy planet.  

When you buy Organic Valley products, you are not only buying better products for your health, but you are contributing to a more sustainable planet for future generations.