Create the next Floatopia in your backyard. With some creativity and innovation, you’ll be reminiscing about your next party for years to come. If you’re blessed with a pool in your yard, it can form the perfect entertainment for your next party. Whether your theme is a Luau, The Little Mermaid, or Castaways, pool inspiration can help start ideas flowing! 

Set up stations throughout your backyard to make Pinterest-worthy DIY Photo Booths with props, a sunscreen station, and a fun beverage station. The party table can be a great focal point where the party theme is amplified through snack food, a cake, and fun treats. Whether it be a veggie coral reef and dip platter or some Sand Dollar sugar cookies, it will make your party that much more fun and memorable. 



Ask your partygoers to have fun dressing for the theme to set the party's mood, then add some balloon décor to incorporate waterproof pops of color (no pun intended). Whether you use a balloon wall, arch, or column, speak to your party store about making an affordable impression for your guests, and you will be amazed at the options.  

Float the day away on some funky floaties; whether it be an ice cream cone floaties or ride-on peacock or unicorn, they’ll have everyone diving in to grab their favorite! Fun pool games of Marco Polo or Pool Volleyball do great activities, but it’s a good idea to have some on dry land too. Make a DIY Ring Toss or Cornhole Game for more fun. A game of Limbo is guaranteed to get the crowd going and the party hopping! Don’t forget the music; put together a fun splash-worthy playlist.



If the party begins late in the afternoon and goes into the evening, hang some string lights and light some tiki torches and tea light candles to light up the night. Floating pool lights will give a fun, colorful party atmosphere around the pool that can encourage your partygoers to go for an evening dip. 
Safety is paramount with a Pool Party, ensuring you always have two designated lifeguards to watch the kids.  Set up a sun care station with sunscreen for those guests who forget and as a reminder to reapply! Silicone or acrylic Drinkware will hopefully ensure that your party is safe from accidents and broken glass.